The militants have significantly reduced the number of attacks in the Donbas. Chronicle of the ATO

Sunday, July 30, in the area of ATO in the Donbas , the Ukrainian military has recorded a significant decrease of attacks of fighters. There were two. However, during one of them wounded a Ukrainian soldier.

“Today, in the area of ATO observed a decrease in the intensity of armed provocations by the Russian-terrorist groups. From midnight to 18:00 the enemy violated the truce. So, around 16:00, militants from small arms fired at our strong point in the area of Marinka, on the Mariupol direction. Unfortunately, as a result of this shelling, one Ukrainian soldier was shot and injured. And in Donetsk direction the enemy grenade hit on the Ukrainian fortifications in Zaitseve”, – stated in the message the press center of staff ATO.

The Ukrainian army is on full alert.

“At the same time, despite the relative calm, the ATO forces positions are on full alert. Often because the dark time of the day illegal armed groups are intensifying their treacherous activity”, – explained in the press center.

Meanwhile in Luhansk Ukrainian fighters during the battle, disarmed militants and captured Russian weapons.