The NEB undertook to investigate the validity of the statement formulas Rotterdam+

The head and members of the National energy regulatory Commission (NKREKU) are suspected of collusion with power generation companies in approving the formula for determining the wholesale price of electricity, which is better known as the “Rotterdam+”.

This is stated in the definitions of Solomyansky district court of Kyiv from 10 July, reports Лига.net.

Videoapparatury administrative court upheld the decision that the increased electricity prices

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The national anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine has directed to court the petition with a request to allow detectives to Bank documents “Centrenergo” and “Dniproenergo” to check the validity of the approval formula “Rotterdam+”. However, the court denied the motions.

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In court definition it is said that the pre-trial investigation established that “the head and members of the national Commission, using his official position contrary to interests of service, acting in the interests of generating companies, intentionally, with the aim of creating conditions for obtaining GK thermal power plant windfall profits in January-March 2016, when developing the order of formation of the wholesale market price (“Rotterdam+”), provided the inclusion of clearly unwarranted formulas, which increased the cost of coal.”

In the NABS suspect that the head and members of the national Commission has created all the conditions for the growth of sales price of electric energy in the wholesale market. Officials of the national Commission are criminal proceedings upon abuse of official position.

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The NAB also believes that officials of the national Commission, using unfounded the formula for calculating the cost of thermal coal, has carried out calculations of the projected wholesale market price of electricity at an inflated price of coal in 2Q-4Q 2017.

“This has allowed generating companies thermal power plants to make enormous profits on the production and further sale of electric energy in the Wholesale market of electricity and consumers of electricity unnecessarily incurred expenses for its purchase”, – is spoken in court definition.

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As previously reported, in Ukraine in the rates of thermal generation, which burns coal and produces electricity, to March 1, pledged the cost of a ton of coal at a rate of almost 2900 hryvnia. While coal is purchased at the domestic price, which is significantly lower than this amount. About this on air of the talk show “Right to rule” on the channel “1+1” said a former member of the national Commission for regulation of prices on energy and utilities Andrew Gerus. “After the introduction of the “Rotterdam” in April of last year, the rate of heat generation began to grow rapidly, and it covers all top and higher price of coal. Thus, already in March, the price of coal 2900 hryvnia de facto covered by our tariff. And this coal could be brought from the most remote point of the globe and burned in Ukraine,” – said the expert.

Videodatarate wanted to dismiss the head of the NERC after its report in Parliament

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