TSN felt a “tourist card” with free museums and discounts on entertainment in Kiev

In Kiev introduced the “card capital”. It can be free to visit museums, galleries, tours and clubs. Price – from five hundred hryvnias. TSN decided to check how it works.

In the experiment we have helped the Italians Alessandro and Andrea. Alessandro on vacation. Andrea was already half a year studying in Kiev. They first tested the travel card that we received at the presentation.

Alessandro will travel to the capital with the tourist card, which costs 15 euros and is valid only for a day. Andrea will receive the equivalent of 450 hryvnias.

Video settings Kyiv tourists will be able to use the “guest card” for museums and galleries

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:38

Choose a tour bus. This is the most expensive route from the booklet, which is added to the map.

In General there are three types of cards:

blue, which costs 15 euros and is valid for only a day

green for 25 euros for 2 days,

– and orange – 35 euros for 3 days.

Maps are almost identical:

– 5 entrances to galleries, museums, tours or clubs

– discounts in restaurants and shops

– riding the subway: three for the daily and five for the rest.

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First attempt and failure. On the map tourist bus tour hear for the first time. Andrea cash comes from. Let and Alessandro, but after a long explanation.

On – gallery. It turns out that she, like others from the booklet – free. Next – the Museum of water. To go by metro. Andrea buys a token, and Alessandro for booklet free trip.

But the subway map is still not working, so then on foot. In the water Museum on the map know. In the Museum “Golden gate” started, but not immediately. Long to find out what it is.

Then the Italians decided to eat. Card supposedly offers discounts in restaurants, but find the booklet at least one is not. Call the Department of tourism. But there are asked to wait and send your question by e-mail.

The tour ends at the zoo. In Andrea ran out of money. Alessandro another free entry of five, but to go further he does not want to – tired.

“I can’t say that I liked the use of the card 100 percent,” said Alessandro.

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What has been revealed in an experiment? The daily tourist card was the best only because we chose the most expensive route. If I chose the card for 2 days for 750 hryvnia or three per thousand, and expensive trips without the use of discounts on food, the card itself would not be justified.

Now cards are available only in the electronic version. And plastic will go on sale from the 25th of August.

By TSN correspondent Boris Bondarchuk

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