A new episode of “Game of thrones” mistakenly published online before the premiere

The Spanish arm of the HBO accidentally posted a brand new episode of “Game of thrones”.

It is reported by Mashable.

It is noted that the series was available to subscribers within hours. Subsequently, the leadership removed this episode, which was erroneously placed.

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Note that the premiere of the sixth series “Game of thrones” will be held on the night of September 21.

In turn, users had to place a two-minute video of the new episode on Reddit and then spread the link on streaming the series in Instagram and YouTube.

Later, all posts deleted at the request of owners.

Earlier, the group of hackers said they stole the script of the series the seventh season of “Game of thrones”, which has not yet emerged. Hackers claim to have gained access to 1.5 terabytes of material owned by an American broadcaster HBO.

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