Poroshenko announced a phone conversation in Normandy format

August 22 evening held a telephone conference in the Normandy format.

The conversation between the two leaders announced Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Twittter.

Tonight held a telephone conference in the Normandy format

— Petro Poroshenko (@poroshenko) August 22, 2017

“Ukraine will not be initiated escalation of hostilities, but any attempts by Russia and its puppets to go on the offensive will be resolutely rebuffed. Polls again show the vast majority of people in the Donbass their future and the future of the region sees only with Ukraine,” – he added in the microblogging service.

Video”the Ukraine” not to be: the leaders of the “Normandy four” held a regular telephone conversations

TSN. 19:30

July 24, 19:48

“We will talk on strengthening the military mission of the OSCE, and on the introduction of peacekeepers of the United Nationsand on the Declaration of the ceasefire with 25 (August edition) Or September 1 so that children are finally able even to school to go” , – said the head of state.

The President expressed confidence that this initiative will be coordinated with the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and President of France Emmanuel Makron, and every effort will be made to the Donbas stopped shooting.

“The delay is only due to the fact that the Russian President refuses from public support of the truce and, therefore, from giving direct orders to the Russian military and the militants who are present in the occupied territory, to stop shooting. And this time, it is very important that he heard the joint appeal, including by the Russian President, to the overall sustainable ceasefire. And I emphasize that this appeal must be done publicly,” – said Petro Poroshenko.