The Cabinet has made changes in the terms of appointment of subsidies. What to expect Ukrainians

The Cabinet amended the rules for the provision of housing subsidies to the population.

The corresponding decree №609 from G. 18.08.2017 published on the government portal.

The document provides that applicants for grants must submit declarations about their income for the past year, and over six months.

Also provided for the appointment of subsidies incapacitated person at the request of the Trustee, settled the issue of payment of subsidy on the purchase of solid fuel and liquefied gas in case of death of the person who was assigned to the subsidy.

Consumers who owe for utilities in the amount of 20 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens (currently RS 340), the subsidy for the next period is not extended. You must either pay the debt or negotiate with your service provider about its restructuring.

Furthermore, altered social norms of consumption of gas for domestic use, in the absence of counters (this in turn will reduce the amount of subsidies):

– if there are gas cookers and centralized hot water was at 4.4 cubic meters per person per month, and was 3.3 per cubic meter;

– if you have a gas stove in the absence of centralized hot water and gas water heater was of 7.1 cubic meters per person per month, was 5.4 per cubic meter;

– if you have a gas stove and gas water heater was 14 cubic meters per person per month, was 10.5 per cubic meter.

Video debtors will take the subsidy

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25 Jul, 09:49

At the same time settled the question of the calculation the unused amounts of subsidies to associations of owners of apartment houses (ajoah) and housing construction cooperatives.

We will remind, at present continues the process of preparing for the monetization of subsidies to those who heat their homes with gas or using electricity. The appropriate application for obtaining the compensation you need to have time to submit until September 1.

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