“School truce”: Ukrainian soldiers are forbidden to shoot back and punished for disobedience

Requirements for compliance with the terms of the armistice for the Ukrainian soldiers on the frontline become tougher. At the same time the enemy feels much freer and is not shy to attack the positions of the APU, says the story TSN.19:30.

Journalists became witnesses of how the positions of the participants of the ATO fire from small arms, and subsequently add the shot and grenade launchers. The military tightly closed their hiding places to no light did not give their location, as well as undermine all the approaches to their dugouts. Out on the street at night is strictly prohibited. “I forgot when,” answers one of the men on the question of when it was shot in response to such provocations.

Videoroliki not comply with the agreement on “school” truce

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:52

Callsign “Hammer”, explains that this situation occurs every night from the beginning of the truce. “Sit, listen,” he says. The commander positions confirms a strict ban on the opening of the fire – every fact is investigated thoroughly. Back in the day, when they opened fire in response, it angered the leadership. “Just ten shots was, the next morning came the requirements: why is it opened, is it advisable? I believe that their life was at risk. An unpleasant fact was. The enemy a bunch of times, opens fire, and everyone can see it and understand, but we opened – came a bunch of checks”, – said the military nicknamed “Lefty”.

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The high command explains that the stringent prohibitions associated with surveillance of the implementation of the truce. “If you can not open fire, we do everything we can not to open. But if there is a life threat or the advance of the enemy, capture territory – we open,” – said one of the officers and assured that criminal liability for fire on the enemy is not provided.