The victim “school of the truce,” the military said in Marinka wounded soldier with the call sign “Santa”

Militants in the Donbas has doubled the number of attacks, and this gives reason to talk about ending the “school of the truce”. There are already the first victim – in Marinka by a shell fragment wounded the soldier, who was repairing the fortifications, according to a story TSN.16:45.

“Shaman” and “Kuzma” was nearby and witnessed with their fellow “Grandfather” the shell exploded. Torn and bleeding, the warrior himself took a few steps, after which it was picked up by other military and rushed to make the dressing. “Asked what hurts, two legs, a hand, a shot – and called paramedics,” said one of the witnesses.

Videoroliki completed September festive mood had embraced the truce

TSN. 16:45

Today, 18:06

On the heels of blood is seen, how long was the road evacuation to a safe place where the fighter took doctors. A wounded freed from unnecessary things and drove to the nearest hospital. With multiple shrapnel wounds of the military make a preliminary finding that the shot from a grenade launcher. The man lost a lot of blood, but the doctors state that his life was saved at the first stage of assistance. “When we arrived, was imposed harnesses, overlap the dressings, the bleeding was stopped”, – said the doctor of medical service Vadim Kovalenko.

Photographer Sasha Klimenko in the afternoon came back from those positions – had to take a picture of “Grandfather” for signing the paperwork, make a few portraits, and after a few hours, learned about his wound. “How old are you, I ask – 54. The contract ended, but will continue because there are grandchildren, and I have only come with a victory,” he recounts of communication with the military. “Grandfather” already had the surgery, the doctors are telling us that he will recover quickly.

The TSN reporter Eugene Zvecanska

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