The military said only the sighting of militants positions near Zaytsevy

The ATO headquarters report about the quiet night and no casualties among the Ukrainian military. On the eve it was hot on the outskirts of Zaytsevy – where the positions of the APU gets 120-m caliber, according to a story TSN.16:45.

Given the unpredictability of the enemy, the military is preparing for any eventuality – from complete silence to a powerful attack. To do this, keep in shape and stocking up on coffee on the dark part of the day to identify themselves with fire and heat it is impossible. “Lviv. Not to sleep,” they say.

Video settings the area of the ATO military state relative calm after a massive mortar attack

TSN. 16:45

Today, 17:12

The fighter with the Callsign “Nightmare” explains, relaxing on the front you can never. “They know where the positions, and they fired at a square. Yesterday unity worked Beha”, – he said. His sister “drone” says that the enemy allows himself to fulfill, because it works under PPC in maiors’ke where to not shoot. “The day they put three mines, saw where it went, corrected, and in the evening hit it right,” says the military.

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Besides attacks, you need to beware and subversive groups. “This side podlatat”, – show fighters. That is why the military need to be alert not to allow the enemy to come close. This must be done by the forest and open field, which the militants move under the cover of tall grass. Quiet night, the military is not calm – they know that this means only the preparation of the enemy to a powerful new attacks.

The TSN reporter Eugene Zvecanska

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