Ukrainian migrant workers are trafficked from Poland home to 5 billion euros

Ukrainian migrant workers trafficked from Poland to the homeland, according to estimates by financial institutions, from 3 to 5 billion euros.

This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski, reports Polish radio.

According to Waszczykowski, last year Poland Ukrainians issued over 1.2 million visas. In turn, in the first half 2017, this number has reached over 750 thousand visas allowing you to live and work in Poland.

“More than a million of Ukrainians lives, works, earns, increments your income, which sends to Ukraine. According to the estimates of financial institutions, from 3 to 5 billion euros transferred to Ukraine for families, business,” – said the foreign Minister of Poland.

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We will remind, in 2016 the amount of remittances from Germany to Ukraine amounted to 56 million euros, told DW the Federal Bank of Germany.

This is more than in 2015 and 2014, when Ukraine was sent to 52 and 54 million euros respectively, and is the highest since 2012.

Overall in 2016, immigrants from other countries living in Germany were transferred to their home country 4.2 billion euros. This amount is a record since the unification of Germany and exceeds 700 million euros by 2015.

Videotransit the workers began to transfer more money to Ukraine

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