Lozhkin said that the IMF will provide Ukraine the next tranche

The IMF confirmed receipt of the next tranche under the program of the eff EFF.

This was stated koledni the head of the presidential Administration of Ukraine, Secretary of the National investment Council Borys Lozhkin on my own page on Facebook.

According to him, the next tranche will be provided to Ukraine after carrying out of pension reform. He is also convinced that the IMF decision was the reason that the country’s leadership managed to attract 3 billion dollars for 15 years at the expense of placement of Eurobonds.

For the first time in 2014, Ukraine entered the international capital market without anyone’s additional safeguards, and makes it …

Posted by Boris Lozhkinym 18 Sep 2017

“The main reason for the hype, of course, in a good market situation: high rate of return and the availability of money from investors… Another reason – the confidence of the IMF, which confirmed the intention to transfer the next tranche after the pension reform. Institutional investors rely heavily on the opinion of the IMF on the economic prospects of a state”, – he said.

Videobrain will be able to get the tranche from the IMF and without land reform

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21 Jul, 09:21

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine still has not fulfilled many of the obligations to the International monetary Fund to get the next tranche of the loan. Many reforms are delayed, transformirovalsya in the process of realization. And is likely actually minimize these reforms and return back. Since Ukraine has never managed to complete reforms that would ensure her rapid economic growth. Usually stop half-way. We are talking about five programs with the IMF throughout the years 1994-2013.

This was told first Deputy managing Director of the IMF David Lipton.

Earlier, the national Bank of Ukraine stated that it expects to receive from the IMF before the end of this year, two-tranche of 1 billion dollars each. Another 600 million euros from the European Commission.