The UN has accused the Russian Federal security service in the torture of detainees in the occupied Crimea – report

The Russian Federal security service had used torture to detainees in the occupied Crimea.

This is stated in the report, which is published by the Office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights.

“The FSB forced the Pro-Ukrainian activists to confess to committing crimes related to terrorism, using torture with elements of sexual violence. The victims were kept incommunicado and correspondence, bound, blindfolded, they were beaten, forced to strip naked, subjected to electric shocks by putting electric wires to the genitals, threatened to sexually assault a soldering iron and a wooden stick”, – is told in the document on two fixed in the 2016 cases.

In addition, defenders claim that in the Crimea was carried out at least one extrajudicial execution.

“In March 2014, the Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar Reshat Ametov was kidnapped, tortured and extrajudicially executed people who were probably members of the Crimean self-defense. His body with signs of torture was found in a village of the Belogorsky district”, – added in Management, expressing doubts about the effectiveness of investigation, because the investigation “is carried out with interruptions”.

Separately the report notes that on the territory of the annexed Peninsula is governed by the law on terrorism and extremism “for the criminalization of freedom of expression and peaceful behavior” in Crimea.

In turn, the UN recommended the release of all those detained for expressing opposition views, particularly on the status of Crimea, and also to apply in the Crimea, Ukrainian laws to prosecute perpetrators of human rights violations, to ensure an independent justice, to stop the torture of detainees and abuse, as well as “to refrain from using law enforcement and justice systems as instruments of political pressure and intimidation of opponents”.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the United Nations has documented 10 cases in which missing persons are still considered missing in occupied Crimea.

According to the organization, the most enforced disappearances occurred in March 2014, when at least 21 people were kidnapped in Crimea.

“OHCHR had documented 10 cases in which missing persons are still considered missing. It’s six Crimean Tatars, ethnic Ukrainians, three and one person Russian-Tatar ethnic origin; all of them men. The seven went missing in 2014, 2 in 2015, 1 in 2016”, – the document says.