Electronics did not survive Shtepa: her bracelet broke

The bracelet that the police three days ago put the former head of Slovyansk Nelia Shtepa says.

She told about it to journalists TSN.

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Lawyer Shtepa told about the possibilities of listening with the help of the electronic bracelet

According to her, the device ceased to work on September 24 in the evening. The bracelet was sent for repair to Kharkov, and the suspect again took under hour arrest.

Videonale Shtepa reported the malfunction of an electronic bracelet

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:48

Shtepa says that to decorate the bracelet with rhinestones, as previously planned, did not, although the stones have already purchased. Promises to start work as soon as the device returned. It can happen tomorrow, in court.

Today, the judges reported how it happened that Shtepa released. Because the article in which the woman is accused, in particular, the encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine do not provide for other measures of restraint other than detention. According to the judges, Shtepa was sent home because of their health condition during the examination, she was diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes. And in jail need treatment, say the judges, suspected to not be able to. The risk that Shtepa could escape or influence witnesses – judges did not see.

We will remind, Nelly Stepu accused of encroachment on Ukraine’s territorial integrity and creating a terrorist organization. Investigators insist that in 2014 Shtepa urged residents Slavyansk to support the separatists and Russian invaders.