In Shtepa again wearing an electronic bracelet

The former head of Slovyansk Nelly Shtepa – again with an electronic bracelet. Before the electronics failed that test and tracking device that is on it at the weekend and put the police broke. Took him less than a day and was sent for repair to Kharkov.

About it reports TSN.

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At this time Shtepa was at home in detention. Today she arrived in Kharkov, accompanied by law enforcement officers, there is again wearing a bracelet and now she is at the next session of the court which hear witnesses in her case.

Videonale Shtepa had fled from the courtroom in Kharkov through the crowd of disgruntled activists

TSN. 19:30

22 Sep, 20:07

Neleh Shtepa accused of encroachment on Ukraine’s territorial integrity and of involvement in terrorist activities. These articles do not provide for other measures of restraint other than detention. But the defendant still has to go home, according to the judges, because of health status. During the examination, she was diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes. The risk that Shtepa could escape or influence witnesses – judges did not see.