Day without loss, but with plenty of fire. The situation in the ATO zone

In the headquarters of ATO say about the activation of the militants and mortar shelling in the Luhansk region on seaside front.

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This is stated in the message of TSN. Morning.

#Topad #Foresnic #Donbas #spokesperson #statement the CONSTRUCTION of the PRESS CENTER of STAFF ATO IN 8.10.2017. Last day in PA…

Posted by the Press center of staff ATO on Sunday, October 8, 2017

In the evening the terrorists had struck on positions of the Ukrainian army on Svetlodarskoye bulge, near Avdeyevka and on the outskirts of the occupied Donetsk. The Ukrainian military return fire suppressed the enemy activity.

Recall, October 7, near Sands due to combat action one Ukrainian soldier was wounded.