Controversial Czech President refused to apologize for the words of “sale” of the Crimea

Czech President miloš Zeman refused to apologize for his words about the “sale” of Ukraine’s Crimea.

He stated this in an interview with Czech TV Barrandov, reports Radio Liberty.

Videopreteen of the Czech Republic said that Ukraine needs to agree on compensation from Russia for the annexation of the Crimea

TSN. Wounds

11 Oct, 09:47

Zeman noted that the proposal on payment of compensation to Ukraine for the annexation of the Crimea was his personal opinion.

“I’ve talked about this publicly that we are talking about my personal opinion. I will not apologize for his personal views. Apologies could be demanded if it was not about my personal opinion, as I said openly,” – said the Czech President.

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As reported, Czech President Milos Zeman called the annexation of Crimea by Russia “completed thing” and offered to compensate for “depressed” areas or financial gas. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin in response, urged to fight with those who invited Zeman to speak at the session of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. “Leave Zeman, it is not correct. In the theater there are Directors and there are actors. Those who invited him to the speech, knew what he would say. With them and have to fight,” he said. The proposal of the President of Czech Republic Milos Zeman to “sell” Russia annexed the Crimea contrary to the foreign policy of his country, and was proclaimed without the consent of the government. About this Twitter wrote the Prime Minister of Czech Republic Bohuslav Sobotka.