The actors of “Game of thrones” talked about “mad” classification series finale

The HBO is afraid of the leak of the script of the final season of the series “Game of thrones”, as happened with the sixth season of the show.

That is why the safety of the script of the series finale will be secured with a “crazy” measures, writes Ladbible.

So, according to Nikolay Coster-Wald, who plays the role of Jamie Lanster that prior to filming, the actors don’t even get a script.

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In turn, the previous actor Liam Cunningham, who played for Davos Seaworth, said that he has received scripts from all six episodes of the eighth season, but can neither read them nor take them with you. From the script to the final six episodes, the actors can see only in the Studio, “Game of thrones” in Belfast.

In order to access the scripts, you must complete a special authorization. This can be done, apparently, only after the start of shooting.

Earlier it was reported that HBO collects the best composition to create an explosive eighth season of the Saga “Game of thrones”.

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