Kiev was outraged by the “cemetery” on the porch of the restaurant in the city center

Numerous schools, both private and public, are preparing for Halloween, although it will be celebrated only a few days – October 31.

One of the restaurants of Kiev on Shota Rustaveli did on your porch makeshift cemetery – put crosses and “plaque” with the words: “Not all chicken is back with a special mission”.

Photo of Natalya Nagornaya/TSN

Residents of this creative basically angered, the correspondent of TSN. The people of Kiev say that the naturalness of crosses conjures up not feeling the best. In addition, resent the inscription on the plate. In social networks write that in a country where the real special ops soldiers are not returned, such jokes are inappropriate.

The institution reported that this song continues on the porch Halloween decor inside the restaurant and after the feast of the crosses will be removed, reports channel “112 Ukraine”.

Note that the TSN reporter visited different organizations and institutions of the capital, and was surprised how massively this year Halloween is celebrated by Ukrainians. Cobwebs and pumpkins adorned even the KSCA, in schools and kindergartens themed holidays.

Photo of Natalya Nagornaya/TSN
Halloween in the KSCA

Photo of Natalya Nagornaya/TSN
Halloween in the KSCA

For details, see the news release TSN.12:00 the story of Natalya Nagornaya

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