The investigators have a video with a terrorist who brought a moped for the Studio “espresso” – Gerashchenko

The result was a video with the alleged terrorists who parked the motorbike with explosives near the Studio of the channel “espresso” in Kiev. This was reported by people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko.

“Investigators have also footage of how the terrorist came and installed the bike near the exit of the channel “espresso”. Among other things, this increases the chances of prompt disclosure of this heinous act of terrorism”, – he wrote in Facebook.

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Published by the Anton Gerashchenko 26 Oct 2017

Judging by the force of the explosion, Gerashchenko suggested that its capacity in a trotyl equivalent was not less than 1 kilogram.

He also added that the security services of other Ukrainian TV channels have to make conclusions after the attack.

“In particular removed by the garbage cans, flower beds and other convenient for installation of explosive devices point. But it is also possible to prevent the installation of unknown vehicles, which can be installed hidden explosive device,” he concluded.

We will remind, in the evening of 25 October, in Kiev, near TV Studio Еспресо.TV an attempt was made on the MP from the Radical party Igor Mosiychuk. The explosion injured five people. Later the guard Mosiychuk died on the way to the hospital. October 26 morning, it became known that also killed a bystander – the man 1981 year of birth has died in hospital.

Videopokeria on Mosiychuk: guard MP was killed and two passers-by were injured

TSN. Wounds

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