“I hope by “trash” I mean the huckster”. Saakashvili reacted to insults from Avakov

The leader of the “new forces”, the former head of the Odessa regional state administration, Mikheil Saakashvili responded to the words of the interior Minister Arsen Avakov in the side of the protesters under the Rada.

This Saakashvili wrote in Facebook.

“It’s time! I hope the word “junk” refers to Rosenblatt, Berezenko, Lyashko and the other glorious representatives of the huckster in power, because the National guard is not guarded by protesters and MPs from the people who came to talk to them”, – said the politician.

It’s time! I hope the word “junk” refers to Rosenblatt, Berezenko, Lyashko and the other glorious representatives of the bar…

Mikheil Saakashvili published on 31 October 2017.

Saakashvili expressed hope that the November 7 parliamentary deputies not will be guarded by national guardsmen and people will be able to freely communicate with members about broken promises.

“Dear MPs to follow the orders of your Minister and come to the meeting without guards and not back, to look into the eyes of your fellow citizens, they will ensure physical integrity in exchange for the lifting of parliamentary immunity and perform another promise, which is already three years of waiting. And by the way, will return to the Treasury of the 1.3 million already spent UAH for the removal of three of my Georgian friends on a special flight?”, he added.

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The Prosecutor General’s office confirmed the expulsion of three associates of Saakashvili from Ukraine

Recall that Avakov ordered to remove power from the Ministry of the protection of the tent camp, which was established in the Verkhovna Rada. “To spend public resources and guard on this stuff under the Council – no longer going. Gave the command to remove power from the Ministry of the perimeter security “mass protests in 30 people,” he said.

October 17, in Kiev representatives of different political parties protest outside the Verkhovna Rada for political reforms. The government quarter was blocked by police officers.

Protesters demand changes to election law, removal of parliamentary immunity and the creation of an anti-corruption court.

Videolatina, said that Saakashvili and his supporters have been trained in the Ukraine coup

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