Ukraine improved its performance in international rankings ease of doing business. Infographics

Today, 31 October, in the evening Kyiv time published the official results of the international rating of Doing business. Ukraine is among the 190 countries took the 76th place. It is four positions better than last year, when it was 80.

First Deputy Minister of economic development and trade Maxim Nefedov said, in some sectors, Ukraine has made a best promotion:

+ 105 points (from 140 to 35 place) in component “obtaining construction permits” – due to reduced equity in Kiev from 10 to 2% and reduce the cost of services of technical supervision;

+ 41 paragraph on “payment of taxes” for the reduction and unification of rates of the unified social tax (Ust);

+ 2 points “connection to the power grid”;

+ 1 point for “resolving insolvency.”

“Could be a result grow to 10 seats, but failed with the other components, mostly for “business”, where the relative decline was 32 points, as the competitors are also moving forward. So I have +4. Relatively good, but “easy victories” is almost gone. It is necessary to carry out the reform. For example, Uzbekistan in this year introduced a full-fledged e-taxpayer’s office. And we are only talking about him. Therefore, bill No. 6540 in the ease of doing business should be taken as soon as possible and to proceed to the bill on bankruptcy and restoration of solvency. On the chart “distance from the leader” (the more the better). In absolute terms, we grow in many respects, does not fall – it was good. But “bankruptcy” we have very sad,” wrote Facebook in the proceedings.

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