“Unique shots from the defense Ministry”: the social media trolls Russia for the fake with a screenshot from the mobile game

Today, November 14, the Russian defense Ministry has published in social networks photo, which allegedly showed U.S. support combat-ready detachments of militants “IG”. The Americans allegedly used by terrorists to promote their interests in the middle East.

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Russian media circulated reports about hacking the database of Ukrainian passports

However, in social networks immediately noticed that one of the Ministry of defense published photos is a screenshot from the mobile game “AC-130 Gunship Simulator: Special Ops Squadron”. “And then Ostap suffered” users online now no stopping the jokes.

The @mod_russia uses images from a computer game as evidence the US is working with ISIS https://t.co/8uv2vbEHeQ pic.twitter.com/EvqP1Id5pR

— Eliot Higgins (@EliotHiggins) 14 Nov 2017

The Russian military after the exposure still had the presence of mind to remove his failure. However, official comment from the Agency until it was.

The defense Ministry has published evidence of secret negotiations, the CIA and militants DL

Posted by Anton Hoja on Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ukrainian tanks shelled the suburbs of Donetsk. Photo of the defense Ministry satellite pic.twitter.com/wsRqsJs8LP

— Konstantin Kukuškin (@KKKukushkin) 14 Nov 2017

The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation authorized declares! pic.twitter.com/W5Z8VSdzei

The thought of Perzident (@VVP2_0) 14 Nov 2017

It is time to formally establish a special branch within the defense Ministry, something like VFS – Military-fake force. With the headquarters and generals, maneuvers and cottages, suhpaykom and pensions, to make it all the way. What a shame to the whole world just like that?

— Vladimir Varfolomeev (@Varfolomeev) 14 Nov 2017

American thugs-mercenaries stormed the base of the government troops in Syria. Unique footage of the defense Ministry pic.twitter.com/gqxlX3l40N

— Konstantin Kukuškin (@KKKukushkin) 14 Nov 2017

Conclusive proof of the bombing from American artillery of Syrian peacekeepers base near Damascus pic.twitter.com/gOwaP4NXNI

— Lentic (@oldLentach) 14 Nov 2017

Two pieces of news about the Ministry of defense.
Good: games in the workplace play. Bad – confusing where the game is, and where the work is. pic.twitter.com/VJwziiwR0s

— Khodorkovsky, Mikhail (@mich261213) 14 Nov 2017

14:42, look at the top ten of at least one Mediametrics news about fake defense pic.twitter.com/YMbFs9hJYO

— Philipp Kireev (@mynameisphilipp) 14 Nov 2017

Ukraine used phosphorous bombs in Lugansk. The materials of the defense Ministry pic.twitter.com/kQ7YFWP54i

— Konstantin Kukuškin (@KKKukushkin) 14 Nov 2017

The defense Ministry released footage of the capture of Palmyra: pic.twitter.com/A5vOa4EHEr

— Catch up! Е7Ы09 (@mix_voronezh) 14 Nov 2017

Defense Ministry issued a unique footage of a special operation of the MTR of the Russian Federation in Syria pic.twitter.com/2o28AoltCZ pic.twitter.com/FDlQXG6k3G

— Agrippina (@Agripinka_) 14 Nov 2017

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