Tankers under the legendary Adam held exercises near the area of the ATO

Ukrainian tankers do not lose time away from the frontline and are constantly training on the range. Tank maneuvers managed to shoot journalists, says the story TSN.19:30.

Hero of Ukraine, the guardian angel for many cyborgs, the famous Adam teaches his subordinates his tricks, chief among them being the first to see the enemy. It gives in combat is a huge advantage. However, it should be done with skill to shoot on the move, because sometimes second delay the enemy can not forgive.

Video surveillance the Donbass held a unique tank doctrine for the Ukrainian soldiers

TSN. 19:30

29 Nov, 20:16

The maneuvers of the experienced tankers first shared on the offensive group and the ambush, and later staged a live fire on the range. In combat conditions is necessary to shoot in pairs – while one does it, the other recharges. The complexity of the problem – the situation when one of the tanks hit, and the brothers need to be rescued. So the soldiers also worked with the installation of a smokescreen, and pulling from battle sister.

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The results of the exercise the tank crews happy. “Previously, our goal was to get into the tank and shoot. Where the targets, we knew the distance to the target – nothing complicated was not” – remember the soldiers. From old Soviet equipment tankers learn to squeeze the maximum in order to defeat the enemy, and more new tanks.

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