I like Jolie, or Ken with Barbie. Stories of people who are shocked by the changes their appearance

Rumor has it that our reflection in the mirror several times prettier than our real appearance. However, often, looking in the mirror, we still notice some features which I would like to change. The eye catches every detail of the face, every wrinkle and irregularity, even the smallest hump of the nose. Most of the people whining and walks away from the mirror on her way, but not the heroes of the tabloids. These people could not stand the heavy burden of problems far-fetched appearance, they blew off his head and they went to plastic surgeonsto fulfill their whims. Dnia will tell stories about the brave men who went to dozens of transactions for customization. Their changes are shocking.

Terrible reincarnation socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein, known in the media as Catwoman and had several plastic surgeries to look like a cat. She mutilated his face, so like her husband-the billionaire who was in awe of the big cats. According to some estimates, rich spent nearly $ 4 million on plastic surgery for his wife, but judging by her appearance, it seems that this is not the great love.



In General Jocelyn very obstinate temper. As you know, she can spend on the phone talking about 60 thousand dollars, and at its food and in particular good wine is wasted 547 thousand.


Plastic tragedy of Koreans hang Myoko

Hang mioko was not a very famous Korean singer, however, as noted by the media, because of the desire for something more and jealousy, she decided to change her looks. At first she did facelift, but each time were dissatisfied with the result and insisted on re-operation. Then followed the injection of Botox, silicone, and when doctors refused to conduct new operations, Myoko self-imposed vegetable oil under the skin.

Plastic tragedy of the Koreans

The woman’s head grew to an enormous size, her face contorted, there was a huge crease. The Korean had to have surgery on pumping oil from the skin. Head size has been normalized, but the face – no.

Plastic tragedy of the Koreans

Ken doll-Brazilian Rodrigo Alves

34-year-old Rodrigo Alves from Brazil underwent a number of surgeries to become like Barbie boyfriend – Ken doll. To this end, he made 6 rhinoplastic, increased hair, had other operations to change the appearance of the face. He has repeatedly stated that it is committed to lose weight to “look attractive in a bathing suit”.

Instagram/Rodrigo Alves

Ken from Brazil

The Brazilian once began to form a hole in the nose, but the doctors had time to man the help. It is noted that the reason for this was the large number of operations, due to which the blood had limited access to the nose.

Ken from Brazil

Bad parody Kim Kardashian

26-year-old Jordan Park considers changes in their appearance peculiar hobby. He is not shy about their appearance, but on the contrary, publicly boasts that intends to go under the knife. One of the operations lip enhancement fails, and the filler started to flow that even threatened his life. Soon, however, Jordan said insert lip implants to “look natural”.

Man is compared to Kim Kardashian

To intervene in his face the guy has spent an incredible amount of 170 thousand dollars. To the question, would it not be better to buy a luxury Aston Martin for the money, Park said, “But what is the point to get out of the car of such class as Aston Martin, with a terrible face, when you can leave the gig with a beautiful”.

Odessa Barbie Valeria Lukyanova

The Ukrainian girl from Odessa Valeria Lukyanova is very popular in Instagram. Around it arose the media hype. According to her, she had surgery for breast augmentation to look “more harmoniously”, and everything else, supposedly, natural. But believe it not all, because the person Valerie is almost indistinguishable from the real toy.

Odessa Barbie


Iranian copy of Angelina Jolie

19-year-old girl from Iran Sagar Tabar moved 50 plastic surgeries in order to be like Hollywood actress angelina Jolie. The girl claims that she is a big fan of creativity and Jolie are ready for everything to be just like her. For this she suffered 50 plastic surgeries, and lost weight and weighs 40 pounds, which is dangerous for her health.



Recall that users of social networks has raised the question of whether to observe whether the plastic surgeons ethical principles of medicine, when did operation 19-year-old Sagar, Tabar from Iran, which carried 50 plastic for the sake of resemblance to Angelina Jolie.

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