The model may lose one eye due to an unfortunate tattoo

Canadian model Kate Gallinger went through a bad procedure eye tattoo. Now she can permanently lose vision on it.

Kate Gallinger is a fan of extreme bodily modifications. After the body tattoo, the girl offered to make a “sclera tattoo” – the procedure involves the staining of the protein shell of the eye. To experiment with his looks Kate Gallinger chose favorite color is purple.

Unfortunately, the procedure was not successful. The paint started to flow from my eyes and flow down her cheek. After medical examination, doctors said the risk of vision loss in the tattooed eye.

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From the 20th of September, the girl publishes posts on his Facebook page, which talks about the procedure of tattooing, later and the course of treatment. She says that inflammation may not be caused by negligent care or eye allergies, since she followed all possible rules of hygiene. Now, the cat regularly visits the doctor and takes antibiotics to reduce swelling. Gallinger says: “I’m not sharing my experience to cause problems. I warn people that they were confident in those who are doing the procedure and how it should be.”

Yesterday, 4th December, on her Facebook page, kat said that preparing for surgery. She said she doesn’t know the details but it will be transplantation of the tissue membrane of the eye in those places where the purple paint is the highest.

Recently the world was shocked by another story about a radical bodily change for the sake of beauty. 19-year-old girl from Iran Sagar Tabar moved 50 plastic surgeries, in order to be like Hollywood actress angelina Jolie. Internet users condemned not only the appearance of the girl, but doctors who performed the operation.

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