Dear holiday. Top 5 products that will add to the price for new year’s table

Experts estimate that the current holiday table with a modest menu cost to ordinary Ukrainians about 1.5 thousand UAH. Expect higher prices for the traditional Christmas “Goodies”, without which it is difficult to imagine the occasion.

This is stated in the plot program “snidanok z 1+1”.

Products list of “must have”, which is more expensive, opens red caviar. 120 g of delicacy will have to pay a minimum of UAH 196. Now in stores prices start from a mark in 125 grn.

On the second place – meat products. For 1 kg of pork for the New year will ask for from 130 to 140 UAH. By the way, meat prices have already started to grow, but the markets still have a chance to find pork for 100 UAH/kg. of Chicken will be sold from 90 UAH/kg While the meat of this bird can still be found cheaper at UAH 10.

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Next on the list is sweets. Compared to last year candy rose by about 20 UAH.

In the fourth place of the list – citrus, for example, the most popular New year tangerines. Experts predict a price rise of 5-7% for the holidays.

Completes the sparkling wine. The average price of a single bottle of champagne will be 100 UAH 31 Dec.

In addition, price will rise and a red fish.

High prices will force people to save and look for cheaper options. But experts warn that low cost does not mean good quality. It is better to abandon a product or buy less than planned. Also need to be cautious with pre-Christmas stock and to buy discounts only tested products.

Earlier , the national Bank stated that inflation in Ukraine was higher than its forecasts. In November, inflation in annual terms amounted to 13.6%. That the percentage is less, than in October. The reason officials see a rise in prices before the New year.

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