Director of Rothschild CIS, explained why not bought Roshen

All interested in the purchase of the company Roshen , the parties declined the opportunity because of the high risk and the Ukrainian-Russian crisis. This was the managing Director of the banking house of Rothschild Giovanni Salvetti in an interview with “Ukrainian truth”, which was published on Wednesday, December 13.

He noted that the banking house was contacted with all major global players that operate in this sector: Europeans, North Americans, Asians, and some large investment funds.

“We need to realize that only global players can afford to buy such a large company, the cost of which in normal market conditions will be of the order of several billion dollars,” said Salvetti.

According to him, all potential buyers have been very indifferent towards this opportunity.

“Ukrainian-Russian crisis was at its peak, and its development was unpredictable, especially at that time. In fact, all stakeholders have informed us that they are ready to assume such a high risk and politely refused, told Him. They all liked the company, but the context for them was too risky, and the agreement they were not ready.”

According to him, the decision to place shares of Poroshenko Roshen (and not in the entire company, which also has a number of shareholders have a controlling interest, including the major minority shareholding of the Director General) in the format of “blind” trust is the most transparent and the only working option effective separation Poroshenko from his rights of ownership of shares.

“This decision was the best alternative to the international practices for such situations,” concluded Him.

We will remind, Poroshenko after assuming the position of head of state was hired to sell their assets an investment company Rothschild and ICU. However, “in the absence of buyers,” January 14, 2016, the President said on signing the agreement, which transferred its interest in the Corporation Roshen in the independent “blind” trust.

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