Klitschko was wondering why people were outraged because of the project’s largest flag of Ukraine

Metropolitan government presented the project of the installation of the flagpole of the state flag of Ukraine for UNESCO and received an approving assessment of the organization. This was stated by the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko during a speech at the beginning of the meeting of the city Council, the press service of the KSCA.

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“Now is inflated a lot of speculation and innuendo concerning establishment of a master flag in the capital Kiev. You know, honestly, I’m surprised. Hear the accusations, saying, why do it? Not the time and so forth,” – said Klitschko.

He added that the flag is one of symbols of the state that promotes national unity.

“Today our flag is not only a symbol of statehood, and – I would say – also a symbol of our faith. Faith in yourself, in your strength, in the victory of Ukraine! That is why the idea of installing the largest flag of Ukraine. To install it we plan at the Museum of history of Ukraine during World war II. This location will give the opportunity to see the flag from many parts of the city of Kiev. Since we are talking about the slopes of the Dnieper, we presented a UNESCO project for approval and received an approving assessment”, – said Klitschko.

Videoclick, has announced plans to install the largest in the capital, the flag of Ukraine

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The mayor also explained the cost of the project at 47.5 million

“In order to install a metal structure with a height of 75 meters and a weight of 85 tons, and engineering technical work and development of the adjacent territory, and other work. Specialists from the Kyiv city state administration, who are working on it, will provide all the calculations and technical justification”, – said Klitschko.

Earlier it was reported that the mayor intends to 23 August 2018 to build the mast with the largest Ukrainian flag size 12.5 to 19 metres.

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