In Georgia, surgeons removed from women tweezers, forgotten by doctors 25 years ago

In Georgia, the doctors found in woman’s stomach forceps, who forgot their counterparts 25 years ago after surgery.

About it writes “Interfax” with reference to the Georgian TV company “Rustavi-2”.

Oncosurgeon one of the Tbilisi hospitals, Irakli Todua said that the clinic asked for help by the patient with other complaints, but in the course conducted before the operation, computed tomography was discovered tweezers.

According to the doctor, tweezers, apparently, I forgot to remove surgeons 25 years ago during an operation on the gall bladder.

Now the patient feels well.

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The doctor said that in such a situation is not surprising, as such in medical practice, “unfortunately, happens.”

We will remind that earlier German surgeon appeared in the scandal center after sewed into the prostate of his patient 16 medical items.

According to The Huffington Post, the 74 year-old Dirk Schroeder was suffering from prostate cancer. In the clinic, which is now suing the family of the German, saying he did a simple operation.

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