Lutsenko told about the meeting with Kolomoisky in Europe

The General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko told Dnia I ran with the Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky in Amsterdam in late November.

“I flew to Amsterdam for a medical diagnosis. I walked down the middle of the city, accidentally met Kolomoisky”, – said the Prosecutor General.

Comment Kolomoysky on this occasion, yet it failed to take.

On the meeting, Lutsenko and Kolomoisky told the publication Stranaya with reference to the student of Andrey Golubev.

According to him, November 24, he and his friends walked around the centre of Amsterdam and heard loud voices speaking in his native language. When blue came closer, he saw Lutsenko and Kolomoisky in conversation. The student even managed to be photographed with them.

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