The utility filled polygons with snow from Kiev and dump it where

The last days of the Kiev housing and communal services are trying to remove snow piles from the capital where they will not interfere with anyone, but even at landfills that are designed for snow, the place ends. Drivers trying to get rid of their balatoni drifts faster but it turns out not always, and attempt to get rid of snow turn into a quest, says the story TSN.19:30.

Take out the snow is the work of “kievavtodor”, and then refuse to comment, and routes of snow removal is not disclosed. Journalists have decided to follow filled with snow with a truck whose driver was trying to get rid of the snow in one of the residential areas, but the frightened guard. In the end, under the eye of the camera housing and communal services worker brought the goods just to work and ran away.

Videocommunity work tirelessly to liberate Kiev from the snow

Snow from Kiev tones are taken to special landfills outside the city. Thousands of tons of snow have already collected only in Kiev and brought to the place where he should not interfere. To do this, in the capital there are three dozen designated areas.

TSN. 19:30

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In landfills, meanwhile, tired drivers already lost count of how many times you brought and dumped Metropolitan snow. Each of them made more than one ten “Walker” and took in total no less than 100 tons. But not all workers are sure to have the right to keep your cargo exactly on the ground where there should be limits on areas. But from the capital have brought in so much that the drivers themselves are not sure that you will be able to get out for that amount of snow back to the city. But despite all the difficulties and download polygons utility promised that by Thursday morning the capital will see the consequences of their work.

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“Solid four” and the complete failure of the authorities of the capital and its residents assessed snow removal in the city

As reported, before hundreds of people were forced to walk in Kiev-a cluster of trucks on uncleared roads at the entrances to the capital. In continuous traffic jams not only stopped the large transport, but taxis and cars, so the passengers just lost their nerve, and they went their own feet.

The TSN correspondent Natalia Nagornaya

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