NABU explained what actually happens to the “searches” in Scfm

National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine has denied that neither yesterday nor today did not conduct searches and seizure of documents at the State service for financial monitoring. The NAB also urged the MPs to check the facts before making public statements about the actions of the Bureau.

“Reported that neither the 20 Dec or 21 Dec no investigation at the premises of the State service for financial monitoring of Ukraine the employees of the NABU is not carried out. Therefore, the information on the “searches” or “seizures” in this establishment employees of NABOO, which on the evening of 20 December strongly distributed near people’s deputies does not correspond to reality,” – said in a statement.

NABU explained that on November 29 this year, his detectives received a court decision granting temporary access to copies of documents that are stored in Scfm. This decision aimed to be executed in SFMSU 6 Dec.

“Agreed that copies of the documents referred to in the ruling of the investigating judge SFMSU will provide NAB next week. No obstacles in conducting pre-trial investigation by the scfm. Temporary access to the documents provided in the framework of criminal proceedings, which were brought in eRDR in the performance of the decision of Solomensky court. Kiev, 11 July 2017,” said NABU

The Bureau also noted that his detectives “operate according to law and carry out pre-trial investigation objectively and impartially. That is precisely the approach – objectivity and impartiality – ask to observe in their public statements, and respected people’s choices”.

Previously head of external communications NABOO Darya Manzhura in the comment to “Slovo I Delo” said that investigators conduct pre-trial investigation into possible complicity of the President of Ukraine Ihor Cherkassky embezzlement of so-called “Yanukovych’s money”, which were confiscated as a result of a classified decision of the court of Kramatorsk city of Donetsk region.

Preliminary legal qualification of a crime – part 5, article 27 (aiding and abetting, promoting a crime) and part 5 article 191 (embezzlement in especially large sizes) the Criminal code of Ukraine.

We will remind, on April 26 the state “Oschadbank” started a process of special confiscation of 1.5 billion US dollars (40 billion), which are accounts of the “family” of Yanukovych. The financial institution performs the decision of the court, the money in the state budget of Ukraine. President Petro Poroshenko stressed that the funds were returned to the state Treasury. In the cash equivalent of the withdrawn Viktor Yanukovych 1.5 billion dollars would weigh 15 tons.

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