On the website of the Parliament announced the presidential bill on the anti-corruption court

On the website of the Verkhovna Rada published the draft law No. 7440 “On higher anti-corruption court” that was filed by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

This specialized anti-corruption court should consider criminal proceedings related to the offences that contain a corrupt component.

The bill provides for the establishment of the Public Council of international experts. And the President will have the right to veto nominations to the anti-corruption court.

The highest anti-corruption court will also be entitled to consider cases in which the damage or the subject of crime is greater than 500 living wages (currently – UAH 850 thousand). Judges of the Higher anti-corruption court will have round the clock security.

The bill stipulates that a judge of the Supreme court anti-corruption can become a citizen of Ukraine, which for more than 35 years, has experience as a judge not less than 5 years or have a degree in law and experience of scientific work in the field of law not less than 7 years, or has experience of professional activities of a lawyer, including for the implementation of representation in court and/or protection from criminal prosecution at least 7 years or has a cumulative experience (experience) of such work (professional activities) at least 7 years and has significant experience in implementation of international intergovernmental organizations and international judicial institutions abroad professional activities in the field of law on combating and fight against corruption and has knowledge and practical skills of application of modern international anti-corruption standards and best world practices in the sphere of counteracting and combating corruption, law of the European court of human rights.

Videosalon about the anti-corruption court will be submitted to Parliament before the end of this year

This was stated by President Petro Poroshenko. He said: in the document, done by a group of experts, take into account the recommendations of OSCE experts and the conclusions of the Venice Commission. Poroshenko suspects around the bill in Parliament will continue to be a hot debate.

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22 Dec, 20:21

Also there are limitations for candidates for the position. A judge of the Supreme anti-corruption court is not entitled to be persons who, in the last 10 years working in law enforcement, were the deputies of all levels for 5 years was part of the governing bodies of a political party or were associated with political parties, labor or contractual relations, entered into the Interdepartmental Commission on public procurement or in the composition of the committees of competitive bidding (tender committees) established by the customers for the implementation of the procedures of the state, of public procurement the electronic procurement system in accordance with the law of Ukraine “On public procurement”, at any time been prosecuted for corruption or corruption-related offences and the like.

We will remind, earlier the representative of the President in the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Lutsenko said that in the case of not posing the parliamentary working group on elaboration of principles of the bill on the corruption court within two weeks, the President will present his version of the document.

Establishing an anti-corruption court is one of the requirements of the IMF to continue lending.

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