Earned a new system of pensions: requirements insurance experience and ability of trading

From today, 1 January, the minimum amount of insurance required for entering the pension age is 25 years, instead of the old standards in 15 years.

Changes have occurred in the framework of the pension reform, which became effective October 11, 2017.

Mark 25 years of insurance only the starting. By 2028 the number of required length of service for retirement will increase annually by one year until it reaches 35 years. That is next 2019 will need to have 26 years of insurance experience to reach the long-awaited retirement, in 2020, 27 and so on.

There is another way. The law allows you to buy insurance period for Pension Fund contributions. Need to pay double the minimum premium from minimum wage. The minimum premium is 22% of minimum wage (UAH 3723 1 January 2018) is obtained 819 UAH 6 COP. Multiply by two and get 1638 UAH 12 kopecks so worth it to buy one month of insurance. Accordingly, one year – 19 thousand UAH 657 44 kopecks.

The retirement age is not increased: 60 years for men and 58 for women.

The minimum size of pensions since January 1 is 1373 UAH.

We will remind, has changed the approach to insurance experience. Now the insurance record from 1 January 2004 you can confirm exclusively paid insurance premiums. Since that time the work book is not a confirmation of insurance as before.

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