KCSA has announced a tender for the construction of nearly a thousand traffic stops

Kyiv city state administration announced a competition to attract investors in the construction of 994 public transport.

About it reports the edition “Our money”.

“The estimated cost for each bus stop complex is 355 thousand UAH. with VAT, including the pavilion waiting (15 sq m) – 115 thousand UAH. kiosk (15 square meters) – 149 thous. landscaping – 50 thousand UAH. information Board – 40 thousand UAH. alarm button – 1 thousand UAH”, – stated in the message.

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It is noted that all stops are divided into lots. 242 stop entered one, the biggest of the lot, 109 – in the second lot. All other projects stops divided into lots of 10-50 pieces each.

The winners must also make a few contributions, except for investing in yourself stop. About 3.3% of the funds must go to “Kyivpastrans” 1% – “Kyiv investment Agency”, as compensation for the preparatory work.

The agreement with the investor is for 10 years. He owned the pavilion and kiosk, but by the end of the contract period the pavilion was transferred to the municipal property.

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