On the arc Svetlodarsk fighters used against AFU mortars and SMS-sending

The truce did not stop the massive attacks on the arc Svetlodarsk. Reporters witnessed the emergence of fresh craters and unexploded shells near a Ukrainian military positions, says the story TSN.19:30.

“The sun is starting mortars, infantry fighting vehicles, LNG. Thank God here is not flown, crashed into a field,” says the soldier with the Callsign “Mitrich”. Mines on the front of the soldiers jokingly referred to as “texting”, which constantly “sends” the enemy. But fighters come and real SMS mass mailing the purpose of psychological pressure on soldiers. The military recognizes that the danger comes not only from enemy mines and snipers, so once again into the open fighters trying not to go. Intelligence says the regime to silence the enemy used to improve powerful fortifications, so knock him out in the case of activation of the fights will be harder now.

Video settings the shelling wounded three Ukrainian military

If the night passed quietly, the day the mercenaries opened fire, even with a – 120 caliber. The night before the mines lay on the arc Svetlodarsk. Mode silence the enemy used for powerful fortifications.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:16

Tried to strengthen the Ukrainian soldiers, but it’s not as easy as we would like – in the region very difficult terrain. “It is not mined – stone to blow up, where his tractor to take,” explains tractor Alex. He complained that four days of almost no progress in the construction of the trenches because heavy stones constantly displays equipment failure. “I’m here more repaired,” he admits.

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With the onset of cold weather, the soil becomes even harder, but the military do not lose heart. They heat their shelters with wood and are happy that for the winter they will last. And the morale of the further drive is not necessary – it is enough on the front. “In any weather we will defend Ukraine”, – promised the fighters.

The TSN reporter Eugene Zvecanska

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