Kiev schools and kindergartens will be send home children with symptoms of URTI and rash

Regional departments of the Department of education of Kyiv not received any instructions about not allowing unvaccinated children in schools and preschools.

About it in the comments said the head of Department of education of Podilskyi district of Kyiv Valentine Kulagina.

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According to her, employees of the Department of education learned about the possibility of introducing such a strengthened prevention activities of the news broadcast, TSN.19:30.

“Children who have no such vaccinations (measles, – an edition), or a relevant certificate from a medical institution that the child had the measles and is immune or that such a child is contraindicated immunizations, such children to the classes in schools will not be allowed”, – said the first Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration Mykola povoroznyk.

Video settings in Kiev and banned from attending an educational institution children who are not vaccinated against measles

Authorities decided to resort to harsh preventive measures in schools and kindergartens. This warned the city administration. Because for the first ten days of the year has recorded almost as many measles cases as for the entire 2017.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:19

At the same time back on January 9 in the Podolsk Department of education received a letter from the regional health authority, which discussed the need for enhanced monitoring of health status of children.

“It says that in connection with the increased incidence of measles, we ask you to give instructions to Directors of educational institutions and preschool educational institutions to take under personal control the attendance of children, not allowing the learning process of children who have symptoms of SARS (fever, runny nose, weakness, cough), and skin rash” – quoted Kulagina letter.

That is about the verification of inoculation against measles is currently out of the question, stressed the official, only the presence of symptoms.

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However, information about vaccinations known. “It is all recorded in the medical cards which are kept in the clinics of the schools and kindergartens, so we know who is vaccinated and who is not” – said the head of the Podolsk Department of education.

Kulagina also added that they placed in the schools newsletters about preventive measures against measles and collected data on attendance at institutions by students.

If classes do not come more than 30% of the students declare a quarantine. “Today, the attendance levels are normal, there are no risk areas”, – said Kulagin.


As previously reported, the Kiev municipal administration has decided not to let the educational institutions of children who have not received vaccination against measles. At the same time, the Metropolitan government has not specified when it will begin to effect a ban. According to the lawyer, the authorities have the right to refuse entry to school children without a measles vaccine.

The Director of the Department of education and science of Kyiv city state administration Olena Fidanyan explained that parents can vaccinate their children even on a Saturday.

In the absence of appropriate medicines in local hospitals, citizens should contact the regional, said in turn, the acting Minister of health Suprun in the air espresso.

If the child can not tolerate vaccinations, then the parents should get proper help about this in the medical facility.

Training zavedenia will admit children with a medical certificate stating that they had the measles and are immune.

We will remind that now in Kiev measles sick 14 children. Parents assume that they all became ill after a visit to the circus “Kobzov”. However, the circus denies all charges and believes that they “are trying to destroy dirty and baseless accusations”.

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