In Kiev, a woman was in intensive care due to complications of measles

Quarantine in schools there, because according to doctors, the epidemic of measles in Kiev is not fixed. Only 15 new cases of measles have been recorded this morning in the capital, says TSN.12:00.

Of the 15 hospitalized five children and 10 adults. One woman was in intensive care, as doctors say, because of self-medication. The disease had complications and developed into pneumonia.

The total number zabolevanij measles as of Jan 15: the 87 cases of the disease, 66 of them children, 32 of them are preschool age.

About symptoms are and the dangers of measles previously warned the Ministry of health. As measles has spread across Ukraine, see interactive map.

By TSN correspondent Natalia Nagornaya

Video surveillance morning in the capital recorded 15 new cases of measles

One woman because of the complicated course of the disease is in the intensive care unit. At the same time, city officials calm: a measles outbreak in Kiev there. Due to the outbreak of the disease, some Ukrainian schools had gone on holiday and arranged tutorials. Those that work require students a certificate of vaccination.

TSN. 12:00

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