In the area of ATO Ukrainian military shot down the third during the “Christmas truce” Russian drone

On 14 January, the division of air defense of the Ukrainian troops was shot down in a zone of carrying out anti-terrorist operation in Donbas a Russian UAV production.

This reports the press center of staff ATO.

It is noted that it was a drone type of “Orlan-10”. Since the beginning of the “Christmas” truce this is the third shot down a drone of this type.

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“Ukrainian air defense forces once again demonstrated to the enemy the protection of the Ukrainian sky. Every time air defense units operate according to a clear algorithm: detect and accompany the goal, and at the right time, the decision to destroy enemy UAV,” – said in the message.

The headquarters of the ATO noted that “Orlan-10” is a part of complex aerial reconnaissance, observation and monitoring. This unmanned reconnaissance aircraft equipped with electronic warfare system, a thermal imaging camera, photos and video. It is able to create maps in 3D, and even control the development of the battle.

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We will remind, on December 28 in the zone of the antiterrorist operation Ukrainian military shot down a Russian UAV production of the “Orlan-10”. Drone knocked down at about 22.00 near Kurdiumivka near Turecka Donetsk region.

Such drones were lost before. In particular, in July 2014, the “Orlan-10” was shot down near the town of Amvrosievka of Donetsk region (now occupied by the rebels).

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Posted by the Press center of the ATO headquarters 14 January 2018 R.

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