Kenes Rakishev: investor in people and technology


The name of a famous Kazakhstani businessman Kenges Rakishev in recent years occurs often, but not only at Home but also in many other countries. And he makes this all new and new reasons: how not another brave business project, or a unique startup, so a new charity project. It is difficult to say two words who Kenes Rakishev banker, venture capital investor, the genius of IT-startups or patron? It all enough time! More and new areas of business masters: TV channel, gold mining company, etc.

Kenes Rakishev only 38 years, and he concurrently holds the positions in the leadership of many companies in Kazakhstan and other countries, he is the inspirer and implementer of many international projects. He buys a large, but ailing Bank and again put it on its legs, he becomes the billionaire gold mining company and she gets a new impulse for its development. And then he presents in London a revolutionary smartphone or attracted by the legendary Lionel Messi as Ambassador of his new project – a line of gadgets to work with cryptocurrencies. The number of flights and transfers that person can’t even imagine.

But he miraculously manages everywhere: he did not wish your busy schedule the time (and considerable means, of course, too) to charity. His patronage is not trivial, though important to “feed the hungry”. Kenes Rakishev has decided to help get comfortable in the “adult world” and even be successful for children who leave the orphanage and are usually left to themselves. Usually they are not needed, because the state for adult people is not the answer, but they have no experience of life in society and moreover they have no idea how to spend, how to earn money, but most importantly – to be fit and useful person in the society. For young people Kenges Rakishev is not just a benefactor but also the clearest example to follow.

Ukrainian businessmen should carefully study the experience of social “investment” in young people, after a few years they will become active citizens of Ukraine, who will develop our country and make its economy. Social educational programs, scholarships and the provision of education or training abroad by Ukrainian businesses, may become a powerful incentive for the development of the country in General and businesses in particular. High education and skills can be a decisive competitive advantage in the coming years.

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