Yatsenyuk – king Philip II, and Tymoshenko – Bukhara boy. Google found in the famous paintings of twins politicians

At the beginning of January in Arts&Culture Google has a new feature that can find your DoppelgangeR in the picture, which now hangs in the Museum

Option this app compares user selfie with portraits and sculptures from dozens of museums, and determines the most similar.

Only in the application database 70 thousand paintings and sculptures. Though sometimes the resemblance is highly questionable.

To test the new function of Google, we decided on the portraits of Ukrainian politicians. Most of all your art equivalent managed to pick up Alexander Turchinov (70%), but least of all Andrew Paruby (38%) and Vladimir Groisman (38%).

Look what we have got from our experiment:

  • Turchinov
  • Google
  • Saakashvili
  • Poroshenko
  • Groisman

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