Pilots without chevrons, helicopters without numbers: witness the flight of Yanukovych revealed in court the way of politics in Russia

Officer HUGO Victor Reznichenko during the trial in case of treason, Viktor Yanukovych told in detail about the way the policy of Ukraine to Russia. It began with Mezhyhirya near Kiev 19 February 2014, when local residences started to collect and pack into the truck things, says the story TSN.19:30.

Yanukovych personally supervised this process and in the following days, and on the evening of 21 February with the protection of two helicopters flew to Kharkov, where in an interview called himself a legitimately elected President who does not intend to leave the country. Already from Kharkiv airport in the sky to the unknown witness Reznichenko direction rose two helicopters, but in an hour the fly at the command of the newly-appointed Parliament speaker Oleksandr Turchynov aircraft had to return back, but the helicopter landed in Donetsk. There Yanukovych with protection Board a aircraft, but their flight impeded by the border guards.

Videotronic HUGO the court said details of the escape of Viktor Yanukovych

Victor Reznichenko today during the trial for treason of Viktor Yanukovych told about the way the former President from Ukraine to Russia. Briefly about the last three days before Yanukovych’s final flight, see TSN.

TSN. 19:30

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Then the entourage of cars starts to move in the direction of the Crimea and in the field near Berdyansk on the night of February 23 and transplanted in two MI-8 without Board rooms. “The pilots are unknown to me, they were spessartine, but unmarked uniforms. I think it was the pilots of the Russian Federation”, – said Reznichenko. On the morning of 23 February, the witness and the fugitive, which was already under additional protection is unknown, landed at the airport of Anapa of the Russian. The next stop was already in aerodrome surrounded by Russian military and Russian transport in the Crimea. The last time the witness saw Yanukovych in Sevastopol on the territory of military unit of the Russian Federation.

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In court Reznichenko has denied shelling the convoy Yanukovych, which he said from Kharkov. According to the witness, on the road to Kharkov are really fired at the car with employees of the HUGO, but in the car, Yanukovych never went. How the fugitive was in Rostov-on-don, the witness does not know.

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