Daring the massacre of the foreigner in the center of Kiev: a group of hooligans attacked a young British

In the city center in broad daylight unknown beat the British tourist Liam Anthony Tonga. He wanted to discover a new country, but Ukraine was left with a broken nose, an injured shoulder, damaged teeth and surprise at the police action, according to a story TSN.19:30.

“Everything hurts really, nose is bleeding constantly, my teeth – they managed to break my 5 teeth”, – told the victim any more with the Motherland. 23-year-old Briton arrived in Kiev at the end of the world. He was going on a plane, gave the keys to the rented apartment, took the suitcase and went for a walk around the city center. And in the area 13 opposite the three saints of St. Michael’s Cathedral was attacked. Three guys stuck to the young Brit still at the traffic lights: first, throwing snow, pushed, then began to beat.

Video settings the centre of the capital in broad daylight, unknown assailants beat the British tourist

Liam Anthony Tong wanted to discover a new country. But Ukraine went in a broken nose, pocketed shoulder and damaged teeth. And another surprise – why aren’t the police too wanted to make a statement about his beating.

TSN. 19:30

Today, 19:49

Passing by Maria Makukha, who saw several men who called the paramedics, but nothing could not understand, because I do not speak English. Attacking the British did not take anything, that is defiantly kicked in the head for fun – under the sights of two video surveillance cameras, and then didn’t even run. “I looked around, the gang stood, looked at me and laughed and I was all covered with blood,” he told Tong.

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Liam bright appearance: multicolored hair and piercings. Mary is convinced that this was the reason for the attack. That day near the rally took place, where it came to right-wing radicals. “Such radical advocates of traditional values that I have marked in the comments, say, well, what he wanted with such appearance, 95 % if in any city of Ukraine appeared, all the way over,” she said. Maria was accompanied by Tonga to the hospital and the police and in public institutions, too, no one spoke English and the police did not even come to register the statement. “When they heard that he had two hours plane: maybe you will have to stay, maybe with an investigator, are you ready to come, and if not, then it doesn’t make sense, it’s not going to be solved”, – said Maria.

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Tong confirms that the police did not want to make a statement and was acting weird, but the cake made them to do it. The police have denied this fact, and damage the British call light. Liam’s got a broken nose, a bruised shoulder, 5 broken teeth, and the piercing had to be removed surgically. He is baffled that medical aid paid about 600 UAH – British doctors prices many times more. “I didn’t have to pay for anything, I don’t know why,” he admitted. This is the only positive impression of the British from the trip to Ukraine, because the question of whether there will arrive ever, Liam answered at once: “After what happened, I have to think whether to go. If there is a next time, not necessarily alone, maybe with friends,” he explained. Mary is going to control the progress of the case, the police found those in the heart of the European capital beats people up just because they have an unusual appearance.

The TSN reporter Irina Markevich

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