The Ukrainian military occupied new positions near Gorlovka

The Russians did not label their ammunition supply the rebels. According to TSN reporter.Week of Andriy Tsaplienko is when criminals cover their tracks. Know that you have to answer, because I understand that will leave the Donbass. The Russians depart, although very slowly.

In 2017, did not last long no cease-fire. If the enemy does not want to remain silent, you have to push. The tactic of “creeping attack” justified. The big story of the liberation of Travneve and Mladosoviceturns out to be just one of many. In fact, during the year, the rebels lost not one but several positions.

The militants last year, was forced to leave positions near Horlivka and retreat. Now the area held by Armed Forces of Ukraine. Therefore, the slow progress continues.

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Military Callsign Aver said that the same terrorists found boxes, grids, cartridges. “They moved away after we took Gladosovo and Travneve. Moved down. Here you can see Gorlovka.” – said the soldier.

Occupied the area close to the so-called Small promau. The white building is the highest point in this area, the biggest headache of fighters APU.

During the advance is to circumvent the settlements, avoiding urban fighting. However, in zaytsevo they last more than one year. Three years in a row Ukrainian military and militants are literally looking into each other’s eyes.

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Other villages on the map, the ATO will not find. Zaitsev split in half. The front line crosses main street. However, this strange situation here used. Even the military admit that they are mentally prepared for the fact that these terrible ruins eventually there will be a wall like Berlin. From the Ukrainian side in the village many of those who are waiting for the “Russian world”. Local militants hand over the position of Ukrainians. However, Ukraine is gradually returning to the occupied Donbass.

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