The NBU published the amount of Ukraine’s debt to the IMF

Total debt of Ukraine to the International monetary Fund at the moment is 12.1 billion dollars.

This was stated by Deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine Oleg Churiy, reports the Economic truth.

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“Now there is the obligation of the National Bank to the International monetary Fund in the amount of 7.2 billion dollars, there is also the obligation of the Ministry of Finance to the international monetary Fund in the amount of 4.9 billion dollars. That is, in General, obligations to the IMF amount to 12.1 billion dollars,” said Curi.

Today, the assets of the NBU, which are included in the gross reserves, total 18.8 billion, total liabilities of the NBU is 9.1 billion dollars.

International liabilities of the NBU consist of loans from the IMF and obligations to other creditors, in particular the State Treasury service and the Central Bank of Switzerland.

According to Curia thus foreign exchange position or own funds of the NBU in foreign currency amount to 9.7 billion dollars.

He noted that the reserves for last year increased from 15.5 billion to 18.8 billion dollars

Informed in the National Bank said that if Ukraine will not receive the next tranche from the International monetary Fund until July, the program of cooperation is likely to stop.

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