Vacation, who “allows himself middle class.” Lutsenky rested in the Seychelles for 52 thousand euros – media

The family of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko went on holiday to the Seychelles located in the Indian ocean off the Eastern coast of Africa, North of Madagascar. It spent 52 thousand euros. Lutsenko called the rest “not excessive” and that “affords the middle class.”

This is reported by journalists of the program “Schemes” (joint project of “Radio Liberty” and “UA:First”).

During the winter holiday Lutsenky rented for eight nights (January 3 to January 11, 2018) two villas categories “on the hill overlooking the ocean” at Four Seasons Resort, one of the most expensive hotels in Seychelles (beach Baie Lazare Maya). A total of five people – the Prosecutor General, his wife, the MP Irina Lutsenko, the son of Vitaly and son Alexander with his wife.

On the hotel website stated that villas of this category have an area of 186 square meters, with pools, “the unforgettable panoramic views of the turquoise and blue waters of the Bay and surrounding mountains”. The average cost of rent of one Villa – 2648 euros. Accordingly, an eight-day rental of one Villa is 21 184 thousand euros, and two 42 368 thousand euros.

The Four Seasons Resort, Seychelles

The Four Seasons Resort, Seychelles (photo from website

The Four Seasons Resort, Seychelles (photo from website

Journalists also claim that Lutsenky paid in cash 10 473 thousand euros for additional services. The most expensive among them – rent a helicopter (1440 euros), the cost in the gift shop (1265 euros).

Therefore the total travel cost is more than 52 thousand euros.

Earlier in interview to the newspaper “Today” Yuriy Lutsenko said that non-monetary gifts from his son Alexander, who were declared by the attorney General and his wife, (for UAH 170 thousand, or 10 thousand euros) were going on holiday. This money is not enough for a Villa rental in the Seychelles.

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“All the money we paid will be specified in the following Declaration. I pointed out in the Declaration the gift of the son, who is engaged in business, which provided us with the funds to pay for the rest. The rest of the money we have spent there for other purposes that will be specified in our Declaration in March-April”, – assured Lutsenko in the comment “Radio Liberty”.

The attorney General noted that the family means “let these things,” and the rest “had no redundancy, it is invested in something that allows itself middle class.”

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