The SFS is called the number of illegal “EuroBLECH” on the territory of Ukraine

As of 31 January on the territory of Ukraine are almost 425,4 thousand cars with foreign registration. More 246,4 thousand cars is illegal.

On Sunday according to the State fiscal service of Ukraine.

Video”EuroBLECH”: the penalties for the euronumber and how to drive a car from abroad


14 December 2017, 13:07

From member countries of the EU most cars were imported from Poland – 110.7 thousand cars. In second place – Lithuania (51.7 thousand), followed by Germany (19.8 per thousand), Bulgaria (14,1 thousand) and the Czech Republic (13.1 thousand).

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It is noted that during 2017 Ukraine imported more 958,5 thousand vehicles with foreign registration. One is more of 209.6 thousand cars imported in the mode of “transit” and almost 748,9 thousand cars – in the mode of “temporary import”.

With imported in the mode of “transit” to 100.9 thousand cars that actually are on the customs territory of Ukraine, more than 82.2 thousand – deadline. With 324,5 thousand cars imported in the mode of “temporary import”, 164,2 thousand more – are on the customs territory of Ukraine with violation of the deadline.

In the past year, customs officers made more than 18.3 thousand protocols for violation of terms of transit. These protocols collected 109,3 mln. fines’. For violation of terms of temporary import is composed of 4 360 protocols on the amount of fines by 56.3 million.

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Hope 246,4 tis. automobilu s NEZEMNOY restrac znahoditsya there Ukraine illegally push stroke 2017 rock in the UK…

Posted sovereign fiskalna service of Ukraine 4 fierce 2018 R.

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