Russian beauty blogger will sue the doctors because square silicone breast

Beauty blogger from Moscow Julia Dabbagh is going to the courts to demand compensation from the plastic doctors after, as her Breasts got square shape.

She told about it on air of NTV channel.

“Breast is deformed. That is one part of the chest was normal and the right was, well, let’s say a square. This is a good surgeon with lots of experience, with a good reputation. What she said to me? “Nothing, Julia, we had to do, get in line and sign up, the price of learn on the website”, says Dabbagh.

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The woman appealed to the lawyers to resolve the issue in court. The decision she made due to the fact that the administration of the hospital, where she had the implants inserted, not found medical records of Julia. The map needs to see a surgeon to know how to correct the situation.

Julia Debbagh
Square chest

Lawyers have advised blogersha to sue and demand damages of millions, after all, a serious matter.

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Square chest

Regarding the restoration of breast shape, Dabbagh already turned to the second, not less competent surgeon. According to him, the implant has changed the shape of the breast, because it was put over the muscle, not under. Now the doctors will remove the silicone and do the operation again.

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