In Kiev, Shulyavska overpass of asphalt got fittings: damaged cars

in Kiev Shulyavska overpass just got out of the asphalt reinforcement, the damaged wheel more than 10 cars.

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Kiev. Repost! Again tired Shulyavska overpass, on top now, here Industrial to dorohozhychi, damaged wheels more…

Published 9 Feb 2018

“Again tired Shulyavska overpass, now from above, from the Industrial on Dorogozhychi, damaged wheel more than 10 cars! Some below are already near the bus stop. Part to be repaired on the bridge”, – stated in the message.

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Klitschko announced the dates for completion Podolsko resurrection of the bridge and reconstruction Shulyavska

As the newspaper notes, in the middle of the roadway pits with protruding rebar. Drives rips like plastic.

Videospussy the bridge collapsed again

TSN. Rankas’

24 April 2017, 10:17

Recall that in February 2017 slumped plate Shulyavska overpass. The wreckage of the bridge fell on a parked car. Recall that in the capital began to break down The Shulyavska overpass. Vitali Klitschko instructed to check the status of all overpasses and bridges in Kiev. Thus, from may 16 for the reconstruction of the blocked the overpass near the metro station “Nivki”.

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