Close to the zone ATO Ukrainian military in the dark launched anti-tank missiles

In the area of ATO on the ground the Ukrainian military held exercises to destroy targets with missiles at night. The soldiers practiced the use of anti-tank missile system “Fagot” in adverse weather conditions, according to a story TSN.19:30.

One rocket to such ATGM costs about 300 thousand hryvnias is the cost of budget cars. However, the military claim that without these costs it is impossible to learn to hit the target in real combat – these skills appear only due to practical missile launches.

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The wind in the area of the landfill has reached several tens of meters per second, but the soldiers coped with the task, and the commander assured that the experience gained will be very valuable. “The main thing – skill! The combat starts is a priceless experience. That is, they will be able to apply them in the forefront, hit the target, quality work, consistently,” he said.

Videogenie on the ground in the area of the ATO conducted a training launch of the missile complex “faggot”

Training is not cheap, because one missile is like the new DAEWOO “Lanos”. At the same time, the military claim that to learn to hit the target in real combat is only possible one way: a practical missile launches.

TSN. 19:30

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